Five terror inmates granted remission on Independence Day

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Five prisoners convicted in cases of terrorism were released after the government granted remission to them on Indonesias Independence Day, an official of the Justice and Human Rights Ministry stated.

"Five (prisoners convicted in cases of terrorism) were released, including Oman Rachman, but he is involved in another case. He has now been detained at the Mobile Brigade headquarters," the ministrys Acting Director General of Correctional Institution Mamun noted here, Thursday.

Rachman was convicted for his involvement in a military training held in the Jalin Jantho Mountains, Aceh Besar District, in 2009. In 2010, the West Jakarta court had sentenced him to nine years in jail.

Four other inmates are Agus Abdillah, who was sentenced to seven years imprisonment by the Depok court in 2013 for his involvement in the Beji bombing.

Mohamad Thorik was sentenced to seven years in jail by the West Jakarta court in 2013 for being involved in a bomb-making trial at his house in Tambora, West Jakarta.

Sukardi was sentenced to four years and two months in jail in 2015 by the South Jakarta court for ownership of hand-made rifles and 21 bullets.

Ansar Apriadi was sentenced to six years imprisonment by the North Jakarta court in 2015 for his involvement in the Santoso network in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

In addition, the ministry has granted three months remission to Abu Bakar Baasyir, a prisoner convicted in a case of terrorism, who still has to serve his prison term until June 21, 2024, at the Gunung Sindur penitentiary in Bogor.

The minister has granted remission on Independence Day to 92,816 inmates across the country.

"We have submitted a remission request for 92,816 prisoners. As many as 90,372 inmates were granted remission but have yet to be freed, while 2,444 others have received remission and have been released," Justice and Human Rights Minister Yasonna H. Laoly remarked.

Of the total, 35 inmates are involved in cases of terrorism, 14,661 in cases of narcotics, and 400 inmates in corruption cases, the minister pointed out.

According to Laoly, the remission has saved Rp102 billion in state expenditure.

"Through this remission, we can save Rp102 billion, Rp98 billion from general remission I, and Rp3.5 billion from general remission II," Laoly added.

Data from the ministry revealed that as of Aug 14, the number of prisoners and detainees across the country has reached 226,143, of which 226,143 are prisoners and 69,530 others are detainees.

Source: Antara News

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