Indonesian Foreign Ministry celebrates its 72nd anniversary

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated its 72nd anniversary, here on Monday, and Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi utilized the moment to reflect on its achievements and mission.

"Every time we celebrate the Foreign Ministrys anniversary, our question would be what have we done, so far, at least in the past year? Where do we stand in terms of our mission and what are our achievements?" Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi noted during the ceremony of the anniversary.

Marsudi underlined the fact that Indonesia has contributed to maintaining global peace and security through diplomatic missions, for instance, during the recent crisis in the Al-Aqsa Compound in Jerusalem, Palestine.

Indonesia has voiced its concern over the crisis in Al-Aqsa and has inspired several international associations, such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Association of Southeast Asian Nations, to restore peace and security in one of the holy sites in Jerusalem, Marsudi noted.

"In future, we will continue to carry forward our mission of maintaining world peace," Minister Marsudi emphasized.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also continues its work to provide better services, and to this end, it has launched an online protocol and consular service on its 72nd anniversary.

The ministry has standardized its protocol and consular service at Indonesias embassies and representatives overseas.

This years anniversary was also used by the ministry to launch the Indonesia diaspora card through which the Indonesian diaspora can avail several facilities from the Indonesian government.

"We dedicate this card to the Indonesian diaspora across the world, so that they can work together to build this country," Minister Marsudi stated.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was established on August 19, 1945, two days after Indonesias Independence Day.

Falling on Saturday this year, the anniversary was celebrated on Monday through several events and a bazaar at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Source: Antara News

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