Ministry to follow Supreme Courts decision on online taxi service

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Transportation Ministry will abide by the Supreme Courts (MAs) decision regarding the judicial review of the Transportation Ministers Regulation No. 26/2017 on Public Transportation Service Without Fixed Routes.

Transportation Ministry Spokesman Hengki Angkasawan said in a press statement in Jakarta on Tuesday that his ministry had received the copy of the MAs decision regarding the judicial review of the transportation ministers regulation No.26 Year of 2017.

He stated that his ministry will abide by the law and regulations in force after receiving the MAs decision on the judicial review.

The Ministry of Transportation will coordinate with all parties to provide the best services to the public and seek ways so that the MAs decision would not create problems later on.

"We will coordinate well with all parties to make the best arrangements that would provide the same opportunities to transportation operators, especially on road transportation," Angkasawan noted.

Angkasawan remarked that there are a number of articles in the MA's decision (on the transport ministers regulation) that are considered against the higher laws, and thus have no legal binding effect.

He revealed that there at least 14 points in the transportation ministers regulation No. 26/2017, which are considered against higher regulation (law), namely Law No. 20/2008 on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, and Law No. 22/2009 on Traffic and Road Transportation.

"The MA decided that the 14 points have no legal binding effect and ordered the Ministry of Transportation to lift articles that are related to the 14 points in the ministers regulation," he explained.

Angkasawan called on the public transportation business to take into account the interest of the people, which in this case is for the government to ensure orderliness, equality, and balance for various interests of the people.

At least six people, all drivers of special rent transportation service, have objected to a number of articles in the ministers regulation and filed a judicial review with MA.

Source: Antara News

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