Navy adds ships to look for collision victims

Tanjungpinang, Riau (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Navy Forces (TNI-AL) has added two Indonesian Ships (KRI) to help find the victims of the collision incident between USS John S Mccain (DDG) 56 and MV Alnic Mc, a Liberian ship.

"The naval forces have also strengthened their search and rescue efforts by using a maritime aircraft," Information Department Head of Navy Base IV, Major Josdy Damopolii, stated at Tanjungpinang on Tuesday.

He noted that the addition of two Indonesian ships and one plane was due done to expand the search area. The collision of United States DDG Ship with Liberian MV Lanic has left 10 people missing. The incident occurred in the east of Malaka Strait, Tanjung Pergam, Bintan sub district, on Monday morning.

Navy Base IV has also assigned several naval forces to search along Bintans coastline by using Sea Patrol Boats.

He explained that according to the winds direction and water current, the missing victims could be found in Bintans waters. He also stated that the bodies of the victims might not have floated very far as the incident had happened just a day earlier.

"The search for the victims will not just be in the middle of the ocean but also along the coastline," he revealed.

Earlier, Navy Base IV/Tanjungpinang assigned Indonesian Ships (KRI) Cucut-886 and KRI Parang-647 and one helicopter to search for the victims of the incident.

Navy Base IVs Commander, Admiral Ribut Eko Suyatno, stated that the DDG 56 Ship was damaged on the left stern hull (rear) due to the collision.

"Upon receiving the information, I coordinated with the West Ocean Security Taskforce, Admiral Bambang Irawanto and Navy Posts squad, Posal Lagoi. We also assigned those from Marine Patrol of Navy Base IV to help on the search and rescue effort," he stated.

Meanwhile, search and rescue efforts were also taken at the same location by Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and Royal Malaysian Navy by using one ship and two speedboats.

The Singaporean government had also assigned Police Coast Guard and Royal Singapore Navy with their ships, RSS Gallant, RSS Resilience, and Basking Shark SAR.

Source: Antara News

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