Government gains consular access to Indonesian arrested in Nigeria

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has gained a consular access to an Indonesian citizen arrested in Nigeria over suspicion of illegal bunkering, an act of unlawfully supplying a ship with fuel in Nigerian waters.

Spokesperson of Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Arrmantha Nasir stated during a press briefing here on Thursday that the Indonesian Embassy in Abuja had been given consular access and had communicated with the Indonesian.

On July 25, Indonesian Embassy in Abuja received information from Nigerias Economic Financial Crime Commission that an Indonesian citizen, Frederik Fatin Oemenu, had been arrested by the Nigerian authority.

Oemenu was an engineer of a tanker ship belonging to a Greek company. The ship was suspected to have conducted illegal bunkering in Nigerian waters.

Indonesian representatives in Nigeria has met Oemenu and confirmed that the Indonesian had been receiving proper treatment and that no violence had taken place while on detention.

"The embassy will continue to provide assistance and legal aid to the Indonesian citizen," Nasir noted.

Indonesian representative in Nigeria continued to convey Oemenus message to the Nigerian authority that he was not involved and had no connection with the oil theft scheme, Nasir revealed.

Source: Antara News

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