pndonesian House holds closed-door meeting with Freeport

Timika, Papua (ANTARA News) - Indonesias Regional House of Representatives (DPD-RI) Vice Head Nono Sampono, along with six members of Papua and West Papuas DPD, held a closed-door meeting with Freeport Indonesias management at Hotel Ultima Horison, Timika, Papua, Thursday.

Members of DPD-RI and Freeports management held a meeting to discuss an issue related to a strike observed by 8,100 Freeport workers for five months since last April-May.

"The head of DPD-RI visited Timika to hold a meeting with Freeports management. According to the plan, they will also meet SPSI (the Workers Union) and the Mimika government," Mimika Police Chief Victor Dean Mackbon noted in Timika on Thursday.

The meeting between DPD-RI and Freeports management was held at the Cartenz Pyramid Room, Ultima Horison Hotel, Timika.

The Freeport management was represented by Executive Vice President of Human Resources Achmad Didi Ardianto, Senior Advisor of Freeports President Director Michael Manufandu, and John Rumainum.

The reporters covering the meeting were only allowed to take notes before the meeting began.

"The reporters may only take notes and after that please leave the room, as the meeting is a closed-door one," a protocol staff of DPD-RI remarked.

Police Chief Victor Mackbon said the DPD-RI also sought information on the progress in the lawsuit regarding the strike that was held on Saturday (Aug 19) at Check Point 28, Gorong-gorong Terminal, and Petrosea Corps office area at Cenderawasih Street, Timika.

"We reported to the DPD-RI that in connection with the incident, we have already named 10 former Freeport workers as suspects, and it is still possible to name more people," Mackbon noted.

According to DPD-RIs agenda, after meeting Freeports management, they will also meet Freeports Workers Union, or SPSI, and the Mimika government at Cenderawasih Street, Timika.

Source: Antara News

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