JAKARTA-- Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has promised to cut various regulations to accelerate the creation of new innovations in all industrial sectors, especially to encourage the digital economy in the country.

"What is needed is a regulation that supports the development of the digital economy and not one that inhibits the start-ups," Jokowi stated, while speaking at a seminar entitled "New Economy in the Digital Age", on the sidelines of Indonesia Business Digital Expo (IBDExpo) 2017, at the Jakarta Convention Center.

According to the president, start-ups require the flexibility to conduct experiments and so it needs to be supported by regulation.

Innovation requires experimentation, which costs not too little. "Hence, startups should not be strangled with excessive regulations," he added.

The Head of State noted that currently there were about 42,000 regulations related to the information and communication technology industry.

"This is what stifles innovation. It is my duty to demolish the rules to make it less and more agile to innovate. There are a lot of regulations. I myself am confused, leave alone the community," he remarked.

"Therefore, we should not be over-regulated as our country has too many rules and regulations that cause us to get trapped into the rules. There are still so many, and that is what we are streamlining," Jokowi explained.

The president emphasized the importance of creating as much as possible of open space for start-up development. He stated this in the presence of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Rini Soemarno, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution, Communications and Information Technology (Menkominfo) Minister Rudiantara, and about 500 participants of the seminar.

"This is also the reason why deregulation is necessary to reduce the overlapping of rules and requirements that impede new ways, new patterns, and new innovations," he noted.

He added that in the past, the number of licenses was small but with a number of conditions, which in the end became licenses, which caused the accumulation of more and more regulations.

"It is our job, and it is my job to cut it to reduce the required licenses, so that the business world gets more agile and flexible in making innovations," he stated.

In terms of infrastructure, the president remarked that ICT infrastructure should continue to be pursued.

"Infrastructure is key. I always ask the minister when the Palapa Ring development for East Indonesia and Central Indonesia would be completed," he pointed out.

The president also highlighted the importance of handling cyber security. "In the last few months, the cyberattacks are getting fierce. There are ransomware and wannaCry viruses. We must consider a strategy to deal with cybercrimes," he reiterated.

"A few months ago, the government established a State Code and Cyber Agency, which is in the process of institutionalization," he added.


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