Police to summon two artistes in First Travel case

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Investigators of Public Crime Directorate of the National Polices (Polris) Criminal Investigation Department will again summon two artistes to be investigated as witnesses in the First Travel case.

Head of Public Information Unit of Polri, Senior Commissoner Martinus Sitompul, said here on Thursday that investigators are scheduling an investigation of singer Vicky Shu and senior artiste Ria Irawan next week.

"For Shu, the schedule may be next week, and the schedule for Irawan will be after Shus questioning," Martinus stated.

Previously, investigators have quizzed singer Syahrini as a witness in this case. The results of the investigation revealed that Syahrini and First Travel cooperatied to promote Umrah (minor hajj pilgrimage) First Travel package.

In addition, the police revealed that Syahrini knew the suspect Anniesa Hasibuan. However, Syahrini admitted knowing only few details about Anniesa.

Police have named three suspects, namely Andika Surachman (President Director), Anniesa Desvitasari (Director) and Siti Nuraida Hasibuan alias Kiki Hasibuan (chief commissioner) in the case of alleged fraud and embezzlement of money paid by tens of thousands of Umrah pilgrims to PT First Anugerah Karya Wisata or First Travel.

Surachman is known to be the main perpetrator of fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering in this case, while Anniesa and her younger sister Kiki played a role in helping Surachman in committing the crime.

Investigators estimate that the total number of participants who signed up for Umrah promo packages offered by First Travel from December 2016 to May 2017 reached 72,682 people.

Within this period, the number of participants who have departed was 14 thousand. The number of people who have not departed totaled as many as 58,682 thousand.

The estimated total losses suffered by pilgrims in this case amounted to Rp848.7 billion, consisting of the deposit of Umrah promo package, with a total of Rp839 billion, and the cost of aircraft charter, valued at Rp9.5 billion.

Meanwhile, Surachman is also recorded to have paid debt amounting to Rp85 billion to ticket providers, debt of Rp9.7 billion to visa provider, and a debt amounting to Rp24 billion to a number of hotels in Saudi Arabia.

Source: ANTARA News

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