East Kalimantan reports an 11.27 percent increase in exports

Samarinda, E Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - East Kalimantan recorded a 11.27 percent increase in export value to US$1.46 billion in August from US$1.31 billion in the previous month, the provincial office of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) said .

Exports in August were dominated by mineral fuels including coal valued at US$992.71 million and oil and gas worth US$379.16 million, head of the regional BPS Muhammad Habibullah said here on Monday.

He said exports of non fuel commodities included animal and vegetable fats and oils , exports of which fell in value 29.8 percent to US$40.53 million in August from US$57.74 million in July, 2017.

Exports of fertilizer were valued at US$18.56 million , up 35.06 percent from US$13.74 million in July; exports of timber and timber products were valued at US$12.66 million , up 35.74 percent from US$9.81 million.

Exports of inorganic chemicals and other commodities were valued at US$6.98 million , down 27.31 percent from US$9.60 million.

Exports of organic chemicals were valued at US$6.13 million, up 13.15 percent from US$5.42 million, Muhammad Habibullah said.

The main export destinations for oil and gas included Japan to which exports were valued at US$181.34 million, South Korea to which exports were worth US$77.94 million, Singapore to which exports were valued at US$57.04 million, Taiwan US$27.65 million and China US$19.74 million, he said.

"Export destination of commodities other than oil and gas included China to which exports were valued at US$278.13 million , India US$228 million, South Korea US$129.42 million, Japan US$124.50 million , the Philippines US$78.56 million, Thailand US$61.24 million and Malaysia valued at US$55.55 million," he said.

Source: ANTARA News

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