Chamber to synchronize policies with government

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will synchronize its policies for local businesses with the governments policies, with the aim of creating job fields while, at the same time, reducing economic gap and poverty.

Head of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rosan Roeslani, stated that during the 2017 National Coordination Meeting, his office will gather strategic feedback from industry makers, which will then be communicated with the government.

"We will gather strategic feedback from the businesses, and we will synchronize our steps with the governments policies," he stated in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He further noted that at the moment, his office aims to boost the creation of jobs needed to be supported by the governments policies towards the establishment of a conducive business climate, economic growth, and the advancement of the national business fields competitiveness.

He hoped for the establishment of job fields to be able to significantly reduce poverty and economic gap.

During the 2017 National Coordination Meeting of the Chamber, all business sectors simultaneously coordinate with the government through technical ministries. The chamber divides the fields and sectors into 14 main clusters, including mineral, coal, and electric resources, and the oil and gas industry as well as renewable energy and environment, during the meeting.

There are also the banking and finance sectors, as well as capital market, investment, monetary policy, and fiscal sectors.

Clusters in industry and trade, Small-Medium Enterprises, cooperation, creative industry, and technology innovation start-ups are also included.

Lastly, there are clusters in the agro-business, food, forestry, farming, as well as maritime and fishery sectors.

Source: ANTARA News

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