VP Kalla to inaugurate Europalia 2017

Brussels, Belgium (ANTARA News) - Vice President Jusuf Kalla and his spouse Mufidah visited Belgium to meet some 200 resident Indonesians and open Europalia 2017 at the Center for Fine Arts, Brussels, on Oct 10, along with Belgian King Philippe.

During a meeting held at Wisma Indonesia in Brussels on Sunday (Oct 8), Vice President Kalla was accompanied by Indonesian Ambassador to Belgium Yuri Thamrin to greet hundreds of Indonesian professionals, medical experts, students, and entrepreneurs.

First Secretary of the Indonesian Embassy in Belgium Ance Maylany informed Antara London that the vice president had expressed gratitude for the warm welcome extended to him.

Belgium is an important partner country for Indonesia, with cooperation in all fields, including trade, investment, and social culture, Kalla noted.

Indonesia being invited as a guest nation to Europalia this year by the Belgian government showcases the close relations between the two countries, Vice President Kalla added.

The works of art, depicting Indonesian culture to be highlighted in Europalia, are not only traditional but also contemporary. It is expected that through the festival, Belgian and European communities would be able to gain a better understanding of the diversity of Indonesian culture and the values of tolerance and democracy practiced in Indonesia.

In addition to opening Europalia, Vice President Kalla said he will attend a business forum between Indonesian businessmen and Belgian entrepreneurs in an effort to improve economic cooperation.

The Europalia Festival is the largest event showcasing cultural art performances in Europe and is held every two years in Belgium and its neighboring countries.

For this year, Indonesia was selected as the guest nation. Overall, 200 other cultural art performances, including art exhibitions, dance and musical performances, as well as literature and film will be showcased. Europalia will be held from Oct 10 to January next year.

Source: ANTARA News

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