Defense minister backs BPKs audit of weaponry system procurement

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu has thrown his weight behind the audit by the State Audit Board (BPK) for the procurement of primary weaponry defense system (alutsista) for the Defense Ministry and the National Defense Forces (TNI).

"In principle, if the law allows it, go ahead. And if the law does not allow it, dont do it. There is no problem. I will be pleased if it is audited. I will not be angry. We are open to the public," he said at his office here, Friday.

Earlier, the BPK denied that it is banned from auditing the procurement of the primary weaponry system at the ministry and the TNI.

"The BPK has never been denied access by the defense minister and the TNI chief to audit the Defense Ministry and its organizations," BPK member I, Agung Firman Sampurna said at the BPK office here, Thursday (Oct 12).

Since 2007, the BPK has audited the financial statements and performance of the ministry and its organizations 27 times, including an audit with certain goals, he said.

During the period, neither the defense minister nor the TNI chief has banned the BPK from auditing the ministry and the TNI, he maintained.

After all, the BPK had little problems related to the audit of an account chosen by the BPK, he added.

"However, the obstruction could be solved," he said.

The BPK is in the process of auditing the procurement of the primary weaponry system by setting up a team led by Agung Firman Sampurna. The audit is particularly directed towards the procurement of Agusta Westland (AW) 101 helicopter.

Agung affirmed the audit covered not only the procurement of the helicopter but also the procurement of the primary weaponry system as a whole, particularly those which pose high risks.

Source: ANTARA News

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