Indonesia Stock Exchange plans road show to China

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) said it plans road show to China hoping to attract more foreign investors to the country.

"Investors from China are quite potential. They began to eye other Asian markets including Indonesia. Investors from China are still small in number that they are detected in Hong Kong," Expansion Director of BEI Nicky Hogan said after receiving a delegation from China grouped in Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong (HKCSA) here on Friday.

Nicky said BEI has no cooperation yet with Chinese stock market, adding after the visit here by the Chinese delegation the two countries are expected to establish a cooperation that would strengthen the stock markets of the two countries.

"We hope there would be follow-up meeting to discuss steps toward cooperation between the stock exchanges of the two countries," he said.

He said in the first step , BEI would send a delegation of 10 big Indonesian issuers listed on the BEI to meet Chinese investors. The listed companies to be introduced to Chinese investors have large market capitalization and industrial companies with large number of consumers.

"We have talked with a number of Chinese securities companies, which visited BEI," he said.

He said cooperation between stock exchanges of various countries would attract more foreign investors to invest in BEI.

He said currently European and U.S. investors dominate foreign investors in BEI.

Nicky Hogan said the visits by foreign delegations to BEI are to study potential international economic collaboration and integration.

"The visit by HKCSA was part of roadshow that also include to Malaysia and Thailand," he said.

In addition to attracting foreign investors , BEI also continues the process of education and socialization of stock market in various areas in the country, he said.

He said the trend is on the increase in the size of share investment by domestic investors now reaching 48 percent , up 34 percent in three years.

Source: ANTARA News

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