YOGYAKARTA (INDONESIA)-- Indonesia's Provincial Industry and Trade Offices in Yogyakarta, along with the Regional Crafts Council, will hold the World's Batik City Festival themed Batik to The Moon on Oct 25-29.

The festival will take place at the Yogya Expo Center as well as the city's renowned Malioboro Street and will cover Batik exhibitions, fashion shows, Yogya Batik Parade, International Batik Fashion Design Competition, Special Yogyakarta Batik Design Competition, as well as Batik souvenir competition.

"The festival is held to preserve the region's existence as the world's Batik city," said Head of the Provincial Industry and Trade Offices Budi Antono.

On Oct 18, 2014, Yogyakarta had been appointed as the World's Batik City by the World Craft Council in Dongyang, China.

Antono further stated that the festival will feature an exhibition that showcases the seven criteria laid down by the Council, which include historical values, originality, conservation measures through regeneration, economic value, environmental friendliness, international reputation, and consistency.

He believed that apart from maintaining Yogyakarta's reputation as world's batik city, the festival is hoped to serve as the local community's cultural and economic strength to increase production and sales and, at the same time, to boost the people's earnings and welfare as well as create job fields.

"This year, we are collaborating with 150 Small and Medium Enterprises that have been selected previously," Budi remarked.

Head of the Provincial Craft Council's Development division, Polin Napitupulu, revealed that the office targets 5,000 visitors per day during the festival, which will be very effective in opening access to the market for the Batik SMEs in Yogyakarta.

"We are sure that the potentials for batik sales transactions and cooperation between businesses will be very big during the festival," Napitupulu stated.


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