Police still examining reports on Governor Anies Baswedans speech

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The police is still evaluating reports on the recent speech made by new Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan following his inauguration.

"It is still being studied. If a criminal aspect is found, it will be referred to the directorate that deals in such matters," Indonesia Police Head of the Public Relations Division Inspector General Setyo Wasisto noted here on Friday.

He said all reports containing the same issue will be placed in one file and after being studied, the investigators will summon the concerned parties, including those who had prepared the reports, witnesses, and experts for questioning.

Baswedan will only be summoned after investigators finish collecting information from other parties.

"That will be done later. We will question the witnesses first," he said.

Jack Boyd Lapian, a member of the mass organization "Gerakan Pancasila," had reported Governor Baswedan to the police recently for quoting the word "pribumi," or indigenous, in his speech made after being inaugurated as the Jakarta governor for the 2017-2022 term on Monday.

Lapian, along with the ruling Indonesia Democratic Party Struggles wing organization Banteng Muda Infonesia, submitted a report to the criminal investigation department.

He accused Governor Baswedan of committing a crime of racial and ethnic discrimination as stipulated in Article 4b, point 1 and 2 and Article 16 of Law Number 40 of 2008 on eradication of racial and ethnic discrimination.

Lapian said by quoting the term "pribumi," Governor Baswedan could be viewed as having violated Presidential Instruction Number 26 of 1988 that bans the use of terms "pribumi" and "non-pribumi" while referring to citizens.

The presidential instruction bans the use of the terms pribumi and non- pribumi in formulating policies, planning programs, and running the government.

Governor Baswedan has also been accused of having violated Law Number 40 of 2008 on the eradication of racial and ethnic discrimination.

Lapian included a video recording of the governors speech with his report.

"Jakarta is one of the few cities in Indonesia that has closely experienced colonialism, in front of it, for hundreds of years. In other places, colonialism might have been witnessed at a distance, but in Jakarta, the people have borne witness to colonialism. They experienced it every day. Hence, if freedom is taken away, pledges must be met for the Jakartans," Governor Baswedan said in his speech, which was found to be objectionable.

"We pribumis used to be oppressed and sidelined. Now, we have had independence. Now it is time to be the master in our own country. Do not let Jakarta be described like in the Madurese saying the duck gives the egg, but it is the chicken that hatches it," Governor Baswedan said.

Source: ANTARA News

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