Government accelerates development of West Papua trans road

Manokwari, W Papua (ANTARA News) - The central government through the Ministry of Public Works and Peoples Housing continues to boost the development of trans road in West Papua Province.

Yohanis Tulak, head of the National Road Implementing Agency XVII of Manokwari, said here on Tuesday that in 2017 the central government has allocated a budget of Rp1.5 trillion for the project.

He hoped the budget will be increased in 2018 to accelerate the regional development.

"It has become the commitment of President Joko Widodo to accelerate the development of the region to connect some districts/cities," he stated.

He said currently the West Papua Trans Road has connected districts of Manokwari and Tambrauw and also Sorong city.

"Local people have enjoyed the positive impact of the development. We know that new settlements along Manokwari-Kebar-Miyak road, Fef and Mega road in Sorong district continue to improve," he said.

Currently, he said the construction of the first section of the road, with a total length of 594.81 kilometers, is underway. The road section will connect districts of Manokwari Maybrat and Sorong. In addition to paving the road, the government is also constructing a number of bridges.

After the first section is completed, the government will later construct the second section connecting Manokwari district, Mamey and Wasior subdistrict in Teluk Wondama district to the border area of Nabire district in Papua province.

"There are 475,81 kilometers of roads and 125 bridges that need to be built," he said.

According to him, the forest clearance to make way for the construction of the toad is underway. It was expected that the construction could begin in 2018.

Source: ANTARA News

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