Police increase alert security status in Tembagapura

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - Police have increased the alert security status in Tembagapura District of Papua Province.

"We hope that the security condition in Tembagapura could be returned to normal soon," the Head of Papua Regional Police Inspector General Boy Rafli stated here on Monday.

The police have been implementing the alert security status since last Sunday, after the increase in security disturbances in the region.

Rafli called on all parties to increase their alertness after the shooting incidents that occurred in recent weeks.

An armed group in Tembagapura opened fire at the Sector Police Post and the Mobile Brigade Post.

He added that the criminal group had terrorized local people, including the residents in Banti area.

The armed group also intimidated security officers and employees of Freeport company.

Rafli hoped that the security officers would handle the armed groups that create the disorder.

Several incidents had occurred in Tembagapura since Saturday (Oct 21), which claimed the life of a police officer.

The armed group also attacked five Freeport employees and injured a civilian in Tembagapura.

Source: ANTARA News

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