Megawati unveils excellence of Pancasila democracy in S Korea

Mokpo, S Korea (ANTARA News) - Indonesias fifth president Megawati Soekarno Putri has unveiled the excellence of the Pancasila (state ideology) democracy, initiated by first president Soekarno, which in principle creates the equality of every citizen.

Megawati made the remarks after gaining an honorary doctorate in economic democracy from the Mokpo National University of South Korea here on Thursday.

"This principle which I believe as true democracy is a combination of political democracy and economic democracy, which protects the poor and, at the same time, limits the power of the rich," Megawati, who is currently general chairperson of the Indonesia Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), stated.

Pancasila, Indonesias state ideology of five principles, covers belief in the One and Only God, a just and civilized humanity, a unified Indonesia, democracy led by the wisdom of the representatives of the people, and social justice for all Indonesians.

Soekarnoputri is the eldest daughter of first president Soekarno.

She further explained that the political thought of Soekarno, or Bung Karno, is the antithesis of imperialism and capitalism, which is the root cause of poverty among colonized people, including in Indonesia.

"The five principles are the essence of Indonesian democracy, namely Pancasila democracy. This is what I believe to be a true democracy, a blend of political democracy and economic democracy," Megawati asserted.

She also believed that Pancasila democracy is a system that protects the weak factions and limits the power of those in the authority, in order to avoid the exploitation of the weak by the strong group.

Democracy is a means and not a goal; the main point of democracy is based on wisdom and consensus, not by debate or tactics, which will only end in a power struggle and vote counting on the pros and cons that must emerge, she disclosed.

Additionally, Pancasila democracy recognizes the freedom of thought and speech, but it must also be accompanied by accountability and a number of limitations.

On the economic side, the goal of Pancasila Democracy is to achieve "Trisakti," which contains three points, namely to push Indonesia to be sovereign in politics, independent in the economy, and personality in culture.

"I believe that all countries in the world actually also dream of the Trisakti conditions," she revealed, adding that Pancasila economic system is not only suitable for Indonesia but also for the entire world.

Source: ANTARA News

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