Legislator condemns bomb terror in Egypt

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian legislator condemned the bombing terror incident that occurred in Al Rawdah Mosque, Markaz Bir El-Abd of El-Arish City, Egypt on last Friday.

"It was very cruel and inhumane. I condemned the bombing that claimed hundreds fatalities," the Deputy Chairman of Indonesia House of Representatives Taufik Kurniawan said here on Sunday.

According to Kurniawan, the bombing terror is contradicted to any religion values. He hoped the Egyptian government can immediately arrest the perpetrators and unveil the terror network to avoid the similar incident.

Kurniawan said all countries must increase cooperation and coordination to avoid the terror in other places.

"We hoped all states could unite to prevent similar tragedy in any places. Terrorism is our common enemy," he stated.

Additionally, the victims of bombing incident in Al Rawdah Mosque is derived of Moslem people.

Thus, Kurniawan said, Islam is not the religion that spread terror action in the world.

Terrorism is contradicted to Islamic values. Islam teaches love and peace to all people, he added.

Earlier of Friday, hundreds of Moslem were finishing prayer when a bomb blasted the Al Rawda mosque.

MENA News Agency reported the death toll due to the incident has risen to 305 killed, including 27 children, and 128 people were wounded.

Source: ANTARA News

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