Difficult to prevent blog video making in Asian Games: Organizers

Palembang, S Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The organizers of the Asian Games 2018 (INASGOC) admit that it is difficult to prevent bloggers from making personal blog video using their smart phones during the Asian Games.

"The broadcasting rights of the Asian Games in Indonesia have already been owned by the Emtek media group, and no one should have the right to broadcast sports event in the arena of the game. But it is difficult to prevent people from recording the events on their mobile phones," Director of INASGOC Broadcasting, Linda Wahyudi, stated on the sidelines of the Asian Games Media Forum at Jakabaring Sports Complex, Palembang, on Tuesday.

Linda added that the Asian Games broadcasting rules have been set by a Japanese company, Dentsu, in collaboration with the Asian Olympic Council (OCA).

"The rules of broadcasting the Asian Games match include terrestrial network broadcasting or public frequency, cable or pay television networks, and digital service broadcasts," Linda noted.

Despite the difficulty in managing personal blog video recording, Linda mentioned that there were a number of limitations for live broadcasting or recording matches on smart phones.

"They definitely need enormous data quota, with very fast internet access." The recording location is also limited, because not on all corners in the game arena can be used as it is accessible only by broadcast rights owners, "she remarked.

Linda revealed that the audiences would also expect the impression to be overall good from the beginning till the medal count.

"But we will keep on trying to support the owners of broadcasting rights of the Asian Games by preventing the use of professional cameras in the arena," he asserted.

Television journalists covering the Asian Games are allowed to record images of the game with a five-minute time limit for news needs and not broadcast the matches, she pointed out.

The 2018 Asian Games Media Forum is an activity of the INASGOC, aimed at explaining the preparation for a multi-pronged sporting event to take place in Jakarta and Palembang in August 2018.

The forums, followed by media outlets from 22 Asian country representatives, will also include visits to a number of sports arenas in Bung Karno Sports Complex, Jakarta, and Jakabaring, Palembang.

Source: ANTARA News

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