Indonesia-Chinese governments sign six cooperation documents

Surakarta (ANTARA News) - The governments of Indonesia and China signed six documents on cooperation agreement at a high level meeting of inter community relations here on Tuesday.

"Originally there were seven cooperation agreements to be signed, but one was postponed on minor problem. We will continue next year," Deputy for Education and Religious Coordination of the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Cultural Prof Agus Sartono said.

The documents were signed by the Coordinating Minister for Human and Cultural Development Puan Maharani and Chinese Vice Prime Minister Lin Yandong.

The six documents are three years of Action Plan Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation (2018-2020), Implementation of Plan to establish Indonesia-China Joint Research Center for Port Construction and Prevention of and Mitigation of Disaster, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)on Health Cooperation, Implementation of Cooperation Plan in Science and Technology, MoU on Film Cooperation and MoU on Youth Cooperation.

The cooperation document on which signing was postponed is about the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purpose.

Agus said the postponement of the signing of cooperation document on nuclear energy was cause by disagreement between the governments of Indonesia and China.

"It is normal in a cooperation. Each party has certain interest," he said.

Meanwhile, Research, Technology and High Learning Institute Minister Prof Mohamad Nasir said Indonesia already developed nuclear energy with boiling water reactor. The type to be developed in cooperation with China is high temperature gas reactor.

Source: ANTARA News

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