Best cyclists of TdS to join Asian Games training center

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Following the Tour de Singkarak (TdS) cycling race 2017 tournament in West Sumatra, the Executive Board of the Indonesian Cycling Association (PB ISSI) has called the best of the countrys racers in the event to join a training center.

The best Indonesian racers in the TdS, who have been called by PB ISSI, include Jamal Hibatulloh, winner of the Red and White Jersey, who recorded the total hours of 30:24:43 in the international cycling race.

In addition to Hibatulloh, Muhammad Imam Arifin, his teammate in the KFC Cycling, has also been called by PB ISSI.

PB ISSI is also eyeing Abdul Soleh, a cyclist of the BRCC Banyuwangi, who recorded the total hours of 30:32:46 that helped him secure the third place after Hibatulloh and Agung Ali Sahbana of the KFC Cycling Team, recording a total of 30:29:58 total hours at the Red and White Jersey.

Another Indonesian senior potential cyclist to join the training center was Robin Manullang, who was absent during the TdS.

In the meantime, PB ISSI has also called Aiman Cahyadi. The performance of Cahyadi (hailing from Bandung), who strengthened Malaysia Sapura Pro Cycling team, has continued to increase. Cahyadi had become a champion of the stage at the Tour de Selangor some time ago.

The implementation of TdS in West Sumatra has facilitated the PB ISSI to monitor the achievements made by the country?s racers.

Earlier, the manager of the Timnas, Budi Saputra, stated that ISSI had made use of the TdS this year to monitor the performance of the Indonesian cyclists, despite the absence of the country?s national cycling team (Timnas) at this annual cycling event.

"It is true. This year, the national team did not participate in the TdS. But many cyclists of the national team and their clubs joined the event," Saputra explained.

ISSI has allowed the cyclists, who had so far joined the national training center (platnas), to strengthen each of their clubs in the TdS.

Many cyclists of the Timnas have so far participated in several local and international clubs.

When the cyclists do not undergo the centralized training, they then continue to improve their skills together with their clubs. Some cyclists are even regularly fielded in international championships.

For example, Cahyadi is currently strengthening the Sapura Pro Cycling Team. In fact, Cahyadi who was born in Bandung, West Java, was already able to become the best cyclist in one of the international race stage in the neighboring country.

In addition, Dadi Suryadi, who was born in Sumedang, West Java, is currently strengthening the Trengganu Cycling Team from Malaysia.

Saputra also explained that TdS is one of media to monitor the achievement of the Indonesian cyclists.

According to Saputra, he will immediately register the names of Hibatulloh and Arifin to the Ministry of Youth and Sports affairs for the Platnas.

"This is a new registration. Currently, there are five riders that we propose, and there will likely be two more names. However, we will decide on additional names," he revealed.

On the other hand, PB ISSI will seek female racers, such as Yanti Fuchiyanti, Azizah Farchana, and Magfirotika Marenda. PB ISSI will possibly include riders from the endurance track discipline, such as Ayutina Delia, Liontin Evangelina, and Yuni.

Although the names of nominees have been registered (for the platnas), there is a possibility to change (the names), because of continuous monitoring of other Indonesian riders too.

He wants only the really best riders, who will represent Indonesia at the 2018 Asian Games.

The organizing committee will field other names such as Puguh Atmadi and Crismonita for tracks discipline; Elga Kharisma and Bagus Saputra for BMX; Zaenal Fanani and Kusmawati Yazid for MTB XC; and Popo Ario Sejati and Tiara for MTB DH.

Indonesia will host the 18th Asian Games for the second time next year. Thousands of athletes from 54 countries are expected to participate in the games that will be held in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra, from Aug 28 to Sept 2, 2018.

The cycling race is one of 40 sport branches, which will be competed in the 18th Asian Games.

Source: ANTARA News

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