18 innovative projects of Indonesia win international awards

Tangerang, Banten (ANTARA News) - A total of 18 innovation projects from various Indonesian Institutions under the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) won awards for their innovative products that were exhibited at the 2017 Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) in South Korea from Nov 30 to Dec 3.

Indonesian innovators have won some international awards after competing with 633 teams from 30 countries.

"We are very lucky to participate in the 2017 SIIF. Through this event, we have the opportunity to showcase our innovative work, gain experience to share knowledge from various countries, and understand new innovations from other countries. We do not want to be a big fish in a little sea. Hence, we also seek to improve our knowledge to grow better like them. We hope such an opportunity can motivate our younger brothers and sisters in colleges," President of INNOPA Erricha Insan Pratisi stated in a press statement on Tuesday.

In addition to the competition and the exhibition during the 2017 SIIF, the innovators of Indonesia have the opportunity to meet investors, representatives of manufacturing companies, distributors, parties who issue the patent of the products, and market places.

He noted that such an opportunity could be used by the innovators to work along with related parties for their future product development.

"We hope that the innovators who participate in this event would not stop work following the 2017 SIIF but would promote and sell their innovative products in the Indonesian market as well as abroad. It will help improve the individual economy and the economy of Indonesia," she added.

The 2017 SIIF is an international innovation exhibition on commercialization, invention, patent information, and technology transfer.

The INNOPA is a national innovation association of Indonesia to accommodate and channel the creative ideas and innovative products of junior and senior high school students, college students, researchers, and young Indonesian innovators to the international level.

By joining the 2017 SIIF, Indonesia has proved to the world that it has the potential in the innovation field and can compete with other countries, especially the neighboring countries. The 2017 SIIF served as a good event, especially for the young Indonesian innovators, to promote the innovative products.

Other young Indonesian innovators will participate in the Kaohsiung International and Design Expo (KIDE) in Taiwan from Dec 7 to Dec 12, three days after the 2017 SIIF.

"This year is the first time for the INNOPA to participate in the 2017 Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) and thanks God we grabbed three gold medals, five silver medals, six bronze medals and special awards from other countries," she explained.

Moreover, PT Pertamina has won two gold medals, one silver medal, two bronze medals, and a special award from Thailand, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

Mercu Buana University won one gold medal, two silver medals, and a special award from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and India. Islamic University of Indonesia won one silver medal, two bronze medals, and a special award from Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Brawijaya University has achieved one silver medal, one bronze medal, and a special award from Lebanon, Iran, and Croatia. Diponegoro University won one bronze medal and a special award from Saudi Arabia. Airlangga University won a special award from National Research Council of Thailand.

Source: ANTARA News

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