Indonesian inflation in 2017 predicted to reach 3.1 percent

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Coordinating Minister for Economy Darmin Nasution predicted on Monday the countrys inflation in 2017 would rise slightly to 3.1 percent from 3.02 percent in 2016.

Darmin said despite the declining trend this year, the government would continue to watch against potential inflationary pressure from volatile foods as demand for food normally increases toward the end a year.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the countrys inflation until November was 2.87 percent, he said.

Normally there was significant change in the climate by the end of the year , feared to have bad impact on harvest of food crop, Darmin said.

With inflation predicted to reach 3.1 percent, the economy is expected to grow 5.1 percent, the minister said.

"The inflation was 0.2 percent in November caused mainly by the increase in the prices of chili, red onion and rice," BPS chief Suhariyanto said.

The prices of the three commodities were not stable on unfavorable climate.

Source: ANTARA News

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