Relocation of US embassy to Jerusalem could create instability: Expert

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - International law professor at the University of Indonesia Hikmahanto Juwana opined that the plan to relocate the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem could create instability in the Middle East.

"I am concerned over the possible escalation in regional tensions in response to Trumps plan," Juwana noted here on Wednesday.

The law professor pointed out that Trumps plan to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem could hinder the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

He remarked that as one of the precautionary measures, the US government should ensure the safety of its citizens and legal entities in various parts of the world, particularly in the Middle East and Muslim-majority countries.

"The local community may show disagreement in their own ways. The US will be the target of anger," he stated.

Hence, the governments of various countries, including Indonesia, should step up vigil.

"People of various countries, including Indonesia, should be able to refrain from taking anarchist actions," he emphasized.

Instead, US citizens must be approached and encouraged to take action, so that Trumps policy is not implemented.

The people of US could hold a massive demonstration and also approach the court to stop the implementation of Trumps plan, he stated.

"If communication between world leaders and Trump fails, the only way out is to stop Trumps plan through the people of the US. The people of US can make efforts to change Trumps policies," he pointed out.

Several top US officials had earlier hinted that Trump may, on Wednesday, recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel but will delay the transfer of embassies from Tel Aviv for six months.

According to US officials, Trump is expected to sign a decree stipulating that the US still maintains an embassy in Tel Aviv for another six months but will seek to accelerate the move.

The Trump administration will need time to deal with logistics issues, such as the absence of an embassy building and secure housing for staff members in Jerusalem, according to a US official.

Source: ANTARA News

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