Thailand wants to learn ott handling from Indonesia: minister

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Thailand has expressed its wish to learn from Indonesia on how to handle (taxation pay) by over-the-top (OTT) internet base service companies, according to Rudiantara, Indonesian Communication and Informatics Minister.

The move was triggered after Indonesias success in taxation pay by Google company, the minister stated here on Wednesday.

"Google has paid (the tax). It is an improvement, which has led other parties want to learn from Indonesia on how Google can settle its taxation obligation. I will make an appointment with Thai minster, under a promise that the (Thai) minister will send the countrys personnel to Indonesia to learn how handle the OTT, so that Google can then pay the tax. I welcome them (Thai personnel) to deal with the joint effort," Rudiantara stated.

It was reported that the Directorate General of Taxation of Ministry of Finance had ensured that the US-based information technology company, Google, had settled tax arrears for fiscal year 2015.

Source: ANTARA News

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