Widodo calls for task force to safeguard incoming investment

Bogor, W Java (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo has expressed the need for a task force to safeguard every investment coming into Indonesia.

"As per the coordinating minister for economy, we will have a single-submission system later in January or February. This must be set as a target. There must be a task force to safeguard every investment that comes into our country," he said at a cabinet meeting here on Wednesday.

Widodo hoped the target of economic growth set at 5.4 percent for next year would be achieved.

"I am optimistic it will be achieved if we can preserve the momentum of economic growth by continuously improving the ease of business and investment," he stated.

He added that 2018 would be a political year, and there would be a lot of strategic agendas in the year, including the Asian Games and the IMF-World Bank annual meeting.

"In connection with this, I appeal to all cabinet ministers and heads of state institutions to be more focused in their work to meet the targets that we have set. Do not allow the political year to disrupt our concentration. This is important," he remarked.

Widodo also called on his ministers and heads of state institutions to really assure that all the programs they have made would be monitored and controlled, so that they would run well.

He also called for maintaining the economic stability of price, finance, and balance of payment stability.

"Regarding price stability, I call for a close inflation monitoring. We must be able to control it," he revealed.

He noted that attention must be given to several regions that are prone to natural disasters due to climate change and extreme weather.

"This will affect price stability," he told ministers attending the meeting.

He added that the government would start implementing the cash-for-work labor-intensive programs in the ministries of village development, public works, transportation, fisheries and maritime affairs, and others.

"I wish that by early January, we will see it is already underway. We hope the program will increase public buying power, especially in villages," he concluded.

Source: ANTARA News

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