University of Indonesia ranked 23rd greenest campus in the world

Depok, W Java - The University of Indonesia (UI) is ranked as the worlds 23rd greenest campus, according to the UI GreenMetricWorld University Rankings 2017 version.

"UI consistently maintains its pioneering in rating the development of green campus, and it has been widely adopted by universities in the world," UI Rector Prof. Muhammad Anis said here on Monday.

The rector stated that UI was proud to take part in supporting the achievement of the development of green campus infrastructure in the world as an effort to create a generation that care about environmental sustainability.

It is expected that through the UI GreenMetric Ranking, universities worldwide can take part in preventive and curative efforts to mitigate climate change impacts. UI continues to work to build an environmentally friendly generation and become a trendsetter in the worlds ranking on environment and sustainability.

The UI GreenMetric is an innovation by the University of Indonesia that has been widely recognized in the international world as the worlds first university?s commitment based on environmental management.

As part of its strategy to raise its international standing, the university hosted an International Conference on World University Rankings on April 16, 2009.

At the national level, the UI is ranked first as the worlds greenest campus, while the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) is at the second position and Sepuluh November Institute of Technology (ITS) at the third position.

Furthermore, Semarang State University is at fourth position, Sebelas Maret University at fifth, Diponegoro University at sixth, Brawijaya University at seventh, Islamic University of Indonesia at eighth, Telkom University at ninth, and Padjadjaran University at the tenth position.

The number of universities participating in the ranking increases from year to year.

The number of participants from Indonesia also increases to 58 universities, and they keep pursuing to meet the UI GreenMetric?s indicators.

The UI GreenMetric is a rating agency that has been officially accepted as a member of International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) Observatory at the IREG-6 Conference on April 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The UI GreenMetric is based on three basic philosophies, namely Environment, Economic, and Equity (3-Es). Some improvements to the methodology and surveys are continuously conducted by the UI GreenMetric Team to generate a comprehensive ranking.

One of the policy is to develop the weight of the assessment indicators, consisting of campus conditions and infrastructure (15 percent), energy and climate change (21 percent), waste management (18 percent), water use (10 percent), transportation (18 percent), and education (18 percent).

This year is the eighth announcement since the world university ranking based on the environment aspects began in 2010.

Source: Antara News

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