Use of trawl and seine nets has to be stopped : Minister

Medan, N Sumatra - Marine and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti has announced the use of trawl and seine nets in fishing in Indonesian waters would be banned starting next year.

"As from January 15 in 2018, there would be no trawlers and seine nets operating in Indonesian waters," Susi said in a dialog with large group of traditional fishermen in Bedagai, North Sumatra on Thursday.

In the dialog, with theme "Sovereign, Self Supporting and Prosperous Indonesian Fishermen", the Minister said the policy banning the use of trawl and seine nets is all for the interest of small fishermen.

She said the operational of trawlers has hurt the traditional fishermen themselves, adding trawl nets not only kill fish fry, the small juvenile fish but also destroy ridge of rocks in the sea bed.

"Trawl nets also destroy the ecosystem in the sea, fish habitat and sea weed," she said.

Susi said in 2015, the government issued a regulation banning the use of trawl and seine nets to save the sea environment.

The government regulation has to be complied with by fishermen and stop fishing with trawl and seine nets, she said.

"Fishermen could use fishing gears which are environmentally friendly ," she added.

Minister Susi has issued tough policy of exploding and sinking ships found illegally fishing in the country waters. More than 150 ships mainly foreign fishing vessels have been exploded in the sea under her instruction .

The unprecedented policy has been a big success in reducing illegal fishing . Previously, foreign fishing vessels could operate almost freely in the countrys waters.

Source: Antara News

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