Jerusalem not political but humanitarian issue: Jordan ambassador

Jakarta - The issue of the status of Jerusalem has been considered not merely political but it is more about human rights, Jordan ambassador to Indonesia Walid Al Hadid stated.

"I would like to see it above politics, it is something that can unite us as human," he said during a public discussion held by the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia (FPCI) in Jakarta on Friday.

The recent announcement of the US President Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has led to criticism and rejection of the international communities that consider it as reckless, illegitimate and violating UN resolutions on the peace process of Israel-Palestine.

This issue has also forced members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to conduct an emergency meeting in Istanbul on Thursday (Dec 13) that resulted on the united voice of 57 countries to confront Trumps decision on Jerusalem.

"It is an ongoing global issue that we should all take till the very end, try to find what to do to make the US administration reconsider that decision," ambassador Walid noted.

Saying that Trumps announcement to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has worsened the economy and social situation in the Palestine, Walid called on international support to help putting an end of the last occupation in the history.

Israeli unending illegal occupation and colonization towards Palestinian territories have led to a real suffering and unstable security situation.

"We cannot allow this injustice act to continue. It is an ongoing global issue that we should all take till the very end, try to find out what to do to make US administration reconsider that decision," the ambassador emphasized.

Jordan has been standing together with Palestine to struggle for its freedom and independence.

Believing that the two-state solution is still the best way to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine, Jordan has been cooperating with Indonesia that also struggle for Palestines independence.

As members of the OIC, both Jordan and Indonesia will continue to implement the documents produced during the OIC emergency summit.

The first point highlighted in the documents is that the OIC must openly reject the bilateral recognition of the US regarding Jerusalem. East Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.

Secondly, all countries having embassies in Tel Aviv should not follow the US decision.

Thirdly, the OIC states have been urged to generate support of other countries that have not yet recognized Palestine to acknowledge it.

Fourthly, the OIC countries having diplomatic relations with Israel should take diplomatic steps in accordance with the resolutions produced by the OIC.

According to the fifth point, the OIC countries have been urged to take common steps to improve humanitarian aid, provide capacity building assistance, and enhance economic cooperation with Palestine.

The sixth point is that the OIC should be able to drive the movement at various international or multilateral forums to help Palestine.

Source: Antara News

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