Indonesia continues to gather further support for Palestine: Marsudi

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia continues to gather further support for Palestine by ensuring that the vote on a draft resolution on Jerusalems status at the UN Security Council in New York on Monday can address the issue optimally.

"Indonesia is not yet a member of the UN Security Council, but we are striving to utilize as many channels as possible to convey our stance regarding the Jerusalem issue," Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno L. P. Marsudi stated during an international seminar organized by the Indonesian Council on World Affairs in Jakarta on Monday.

One of the efforts made by Indonesia is by communicating with Egypt, as a non-permanent member of the Security Council and also as a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to deliver OICs united voice on the Jerusalem issue.

During an extraordinary summit held in Istanbul on Dec 13, the OIC called on the United States to revoke its decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israels capital.

The OIC uncompromisingly rejects the United States move as an act that constitutes a clear violation of the international law, deals a heavy blow to international relations, and runs counter to the spirit of the UN Charter and relevant UN resolutions.

The Islamic countries also affirmed their condemnation and rejection of the United States decision and announcement to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem.

In its Final Communiqu?, the summit, also attended by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, held the US administration entirely responsible for any repercussions of it refusing to disavow this unlawful decision, taking it as a clear desertion by the US administration of its role as a peace broker.

Indonesia has also gathered support from the European Union (EU) during a meeting between Minister Marsudi and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini in Brussels on Dec 14.

During the meeting, Mogherini conveyed her commitment that the EU will not follow the step taken by the United States.

"It is such a relief, and I deeply laud the stance taken by the EU," Marsudi pointed out.

Highlighting the sound relations with most of the foreign ministers, Marsudi will continue to capitalize on Indonesias stance on Palestine that it has already communicated.

Indonesia has placed Palestine at the core of its foreign policy. The issue is viewed as being a common interest of the international community, as it is related to humanity, justice, and unending colonization.

"The Palestine issue is not a religious one. It is not only the interest of Indonesia to support Palestine but it is also significant for the world to demonstrate that justice works. We have to prove that justice and humanity matter," the minister added.

Source: Antara News

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