Court verdict confirms names having share of e-KTP embezzled money

Jakarta - The court verdict on corruption suspect Andi Narogong has confirmed allegation against a number of others having a share of a huge embezzled fund of electronic identity card (e-KTP) project including former House Speaker Setya Novanto.

"Setya Novanto received US$3.8 million from the disbursement of e-KTP fund and S$383,040," Emilia Subagdja, a judge of the corruption court (Tipikor) said when reading the verdict on Andi Narogong here on Thursday.

Andi Narogong was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment with a fine of Rp1 billion or an additional jail term of two months . He is also required to pay a compensation of US$2.15 million and Rp1.186 billion.

"There are others, who are richer with the embezzled fund," Emilia said.

Others who had a share of the embezzled money included:

1. Irman (former director general of population and civil registration at the Home Affairts Ministry) US$500,000.

2. Sugiharto (former director of population administration information management) US$50,000.

3. Miryam s Haryani, former lawmaker receiving US$1.2 million for law makers of House Commission II

4. Diah Angraini, former secretary general of the Home Affairs Ministry US$500,000

5. Markus Nari US$400,000.

6. Ade Komarudin, a lawmaker, US$100,000

7. Mohamad Djafar Hapsaf US$100,000

8. Azmin Aulia (younger brother of former Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi) a house shop in Grand Wijawan and a piece of land at jalan Brawijaya III, South Jakarta

9. Tri Sampurno Rp2 million

10. Abraham Mose, Agus Iswanto, Andra Agusalam and Darma Mapangara director of PT LEN Industri each receiving Rp1 billion and Rp1 billion for gathering and SGU.

11. Director of LEN Wahyudin Bagenda Rp2 billion

12. Jimmy Iskandar Tedjasusila alias Bobby, Eko Purwoko, Andi Noor, Wahyu Setyo, Benny Akhir, Dudi and Kurniawan each receiving Rp60 million

13. Mahmud Toha Rp3 million

14. Management of the consortium of PNRI Rp137.989 billion

15. Perum PNRI Rp107.71 billion

16. PT. Sandipala Artha Putra Rp145.851 billion

17. PT. Mega Lestari Unggul , the holding company of PT Sandipala Artha Putra Rp148.863 billion

18. PT. LEN Industri Rp3.415 billion

19. PT. Sucofindo Rp8.231 billion

20. PT. Quadra Solution Rp79 billion.

Source: Antara News

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