Three Indonesian fishermen not guilty of trespassing: Malaysian court

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian court in George Town, Pinang Island, has found that three Indonesian fishermen who originated from Medan, North Sumatra province, were not guilty of trespassing to the former country.

During the trial, led by Judge Irwan bin Suainbon on Thursday, the general prosecutor revoked his charges of the three Indonesian nationals, namely Zainuddin, Rudy, and Shariyal, whose fishing boats were seized earlier by the authority.

The court has failed to prove that the three fishermen had illegally entered the Malaysian territories, in accordance with the article 317, Law No.16 Year 1985 on Fishery.

Hence, the three Indonesian fishermen now are free of any charges. They will immediately return to the country.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian court had also released nine Indonesian fishermen who had been charged with trespassing earlier in November.

According to the Telok Kumbaran Polices probe, on Oct 15, the nine fishermen had allegedly entered the Malaysian waters in Kendi Island, the state of Pinang Island.

The police claimed that the fishermen had not informed the local officers of their arrival to the Malaysian territory.

Therefore, the nine fishermen were captured by the Malaysian patrols, in accordance with the article 3, Law No.16, and Law No.25 Year 1985.

The nine fishermen had been charged of no less than 1 million ringgit penalty for the boat owner or the captain and 100 thousand ringgit fine for each crew.

During the trial, the Indonesian government had provided legal assistance to the nine fishermen.

The Indonesian Embassy to Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur had appointed Chan Tse Yuen and Co and Tan law firm to assist the fishermen with the trials.

The measure was requested by Hari Rosena, Liaison Officer of the Indonesian Consulate General to Malaysia in Penang, and Fajar Sulaeman Taman, the embassys law attach?.

Source: Antara News

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