Governor Baswedan inaugurates five traditional markets

Jakarta - Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan inaugurated the five traditional markets of Pasar Senens Block III, Pasar Sinar, Pasar Bidadari, Pasar Cawang Lot, and Karet Belakang on Friday.

"We see that one of the needs of Jakartas residents is easy access to basic necessities at affordable prices in the market. To cater to the offer and demand for basic necessities in the market, Jakartas markets should be efficient and offer necessities at an economical price," Baswedan remarked in Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta, on Friday.

Hence, the costs borne by sellers and buyers as well as the overall expenses will reduce. Improvements in the markets are now underway, he explained.

"I am also especially grateful to Pasar Jaya Markets director, who has completed the renovation and reconstruction of Pasar Senens Block III, which was damaged by fire in 2014," Baswedan noted.

The governor expressed hope that the commercial sector would work in favor of the citizens of Jakarta to ensure proper interaction.

"It is interesting that traditional markets are more than just places for conducting economic activities. They are places for people as human beings to interact rather than being like robots that are just buying and selling," Baswedan remarked.

Pasar Senens Block III market sits on an area of 17,086 square meters, and its building area covers 13,582 square meters.

The building has seven floors: a semi-basement floor with 385 business units; semi-basement kiosks with the number of business units reaching 553; ground floor with total business premises of 777 units; first floor with 806 business units; second floor with 807 units of business; and third floor with 203 business units. On the fifth and sixth floors are facilities for worship and also a Mechanical Engineering room.

Pasar Senens Block III is one of the commercial markets owned by PD. Pasar Jaya. This market was constructed after being destroyed in a fire on January 19, 2014. The market, with a new look, is built to have a modern view to ensure that the people are more comfortable while shopping.

Moreover, the market is one of the oldest in Jakarta. The new market has a parking lot that can house 340 vehicles.

Source: Antara News

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