Sexual crime victims should receive restitution: institution

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Institution Seto Mulyadi encouraged the restitution, or compensation for loss or injury, to child victims of sexual crimes in Tangerang.

Mulyadi stated, in Jakarta on Friday, that it is important as the losses suffered by child victims of sexual crimes are often very significant and the awareness of the importance of this restitution has also been raised, following the release of the Presidential Regulation about the restitution a while ago.

"The Institution have been encouraging the District Police since the examination processes and we are also pushing the start of restitution proposals for victims," he said.

He did not specify on how much is the proper restitution that should be given to child victims of sexual crimes, but based on workshops in the United States, the calculated loss for every child is around 180,000 US Dollars.

"Now we could multiply that by the number of children who had become victims here," he said.

However, he believed that based on his assessment, the role of the public in monitoring cases of sexual crimes among children had began to increase.

The presence of all parties is also a positive proof that the community is becoming increasingly tough on facing sexual crimes against children.

"The people are reporting, the media is actively broadcasting, and the police are active in carrying out the prosecution," he said.

Previously, it was reported that a teacher in Tangerang with the initials WS alias Babeh was arrested by Police in Tangerang for allegedly doing obscene acts to dozens of his students.

Source: ANTARA News

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