Indonesian House of Representatives approves new speaker

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) has approved Bambang Soesatyo as the new speaker, replacing Setya Novanto, who is now facing trial for alleged corruption.

In its plenary session on Monday, 307 members, who were present, agreed to the appointment of Soesatyo as the speaker of the house.

During the session, Michael Wattimena, house member from the Democrat Party, called on the new speaker to preserve the pride and honor of DPR as a peoples representative institution.

He made the call, because there had been changes of speakers in the past three years.

"We welcome the new DPR speaker. The pride and honor of the institution that we love must be preserved," he remarked.

Following the approval, Soesatyo, guided by chief justice Hatta Ali, read out an oath and a pledge.

In his speech, after his inauguration, Soesatyo stated that he would strengthen the three basic functions of DPR, namely legislation, supervision, and budgeting.

He called on the members to work harmoniously and support each other.

He revealed that the strengthening of the basic functions was needed to strengthen DPR Ethics Council (MKD).

MKD is the fortress not only for the honor of DPR members but also for the institution.

"Our reference for coordinating political functions of DPR units is the mandate of the constitution," he noted.

The politician from Golkar Party pointed out that the DPR leadership would encourage the production of legislation, which is relevant to the long-term interest of the Indonesian nation.

He added that DPR would also conduct supervision closely and responsively towards the peoples needs and assure that the budget allocation could boost justice as well as prosperity.

" I will help position the house of representatives as a partner that is contributive, productive, close, and friendly, especially with regard to the executive branch and, in particular, the government of President Joko Widodo," he asserted.

He explained that DPR is partner of the executive, and so it would support the executives programs and policies, which are good and important.

He added that as a true partner, DPR must not only be ready and able to remind but also to provide solutions to various issues that need improvement.

"All that has been good must be continued, and those that need solutions must be found," he pointed out.

Source: ANTARA News

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