Indonesia encourages cooperation in Indo-Pacific Circle

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia had taken the initiative to encourage the establishment and the strengthening of regional cooperation between the Indian Ocean Circle countries and the Pacific Ocean or Indo-Pacific Circle.

"Indonesia aims to strengthen cooperation among countries in the Indo-Pacific region and we are laying down this initiative with three principles: transparency, openness and inclusiveness in accordance with international rules," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir in Jakarta, Monday.

He stated that Indonesia wanted the establishment of the ecosystem of peace, stability and prosperity not only in ASEAN, but also in the Indo-Pacific Circle.

"As we know, the ASEAN has become the vehicle to create a peaceful and stable region in Southeast Asia, but we want a stable and peaceful ecosystem like this not only in Southeast Asia or the Asia-Pacific region, but also throughout the Indo - Pacific," he said.

He further said that Indonesia, along with other ASEAN countries, must continue to be a major player in the formation of regional architecture.

"It is now down to how the ASEAN can play its role to build the Indo-Pacific region, and this is different from the Asia-Pacific region, it needs to be done in the long term," he explained.

For that reason, together with ASEAN, Indonesia will continue to contribute to the strengthening of positive and inclusive cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region, rather than cooperation that is based on suspicion, or even threat perception.

In relation to that, he continued, Indonesia will work with countries in the region to build an umbrella of Indo-Pacific cooperation by fostering mutual trust and cooperation.

Additionally, Indonesia will also strive to cultivate a culture of dialogue in the architecture of cooperation in the region.

"The architecture of this area would be good if it was built through the building blocks approach, which means bilaterally and pluri-laterally, and by intensifying cooperation among various countries in the Indo-Pacific Circle in several different strategic areas, particularly security, maritime, trade and investment" he concluded.

Source: ANTARA News

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