President asks governors to not issue new regulations

Jakarta : President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) called on governors and regional legislative assemblies (DPRDs) to not issue bylaws which would adversely create chaos.

"I leave this message to all governors and DPRD chairmen, please do not issue more bylaws which add complicated problems," the President said when providing directives to a working meeting of the government on the acceleration of doing business in the region.

The head of state even added that if the bylaws are oriented to business then they will create further problems.

"I have also ordered ministers to not submit many draft laws. We will check old laws one by one. We will revise and improve the ones which are not good. This should also applies to the bylaws, they should be checked, particularly bylaws which concerned acceleration of doing business," he said.

He said if the bylaws could not accelerate or even hamper acceleration of doing business, it should be lifted or revised.

"What is important for a regional regulation is its quality not quantity," Jokowi added.

Jokowi said that the most important thing is the quality of the regulation, not a lot of which makes it difficult to enter investment.

????He said the key to economic growth is two, namely investment and exports. "Just that, nothing else, thats all that can boost our economic growth," he said.

????However, the President said, there are still many problems in the country, namely the investment is still hampered by the affairs of licensing.

????Jokowi revealed the central government can already finish investment licensing on power plant for 19 days, but the region can only finish it in 775 days.

????"Now let we all talk bluntly, we open everything, it means there is a problem in the region," said the President.

????Jokowi also mentioned investment process in agriculture in the central government which also only need 19 days, but in the region it still takes 726 days.

Source: ANTARA News

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