Police chief optimistic of safe elections

Jakarta : National Police Chief Tito Karnavian has expressed optimism that the Regional Elections, scheduled to be carried out simultaneously, would be held safely and smoothly.

He believed that the Police Force has had a lot of experiences in securing elections in the previous years.

The potential for vulnerability this time around is not too high, as we have secured elections many times before, including in 2015 and 2017, all of which went on safely. By Gods blessings, this year will be no different," he stated in Jakarta on Wednesday.

He further stated that the number of parties supporting the government and opposition parties carrying candidates for regional leaders would reduce friction between the parties.

"In general, there are collaborations between government and opposition parties that are supporting the same candidate. The emotional potentials that may emerge would come from individual candidates. This is different from the Jakarta Governor election," he noted.

Furthermore, Karnavian remarked that the level of awareness and maturity among the public have also become higher in facing this celebration of democracy.

The synergy between the National Police Force and the Army Force is also becoming more harmonized, which means both institutions will be able to maintain security better.

With regard to the officers neutrality, he admitted to have instructed his personnel to maintain their own in securing the elections.

There had been 13 points that he released with regard to police neutrality during the elections, and these would be the baseline for his personnel to secure the elections.

"I have instructed all police officers to remain on the neutral ground, he revealed.

Some 171 regions will carry out elections to choose their leaders, which is more than the total number of regions that held their elections simultaneously in 101 areas in 2017.

The 171 areas include 17 provinces, 39 cities, and 115 sub-districts in Indonesia.

Source: ANTARA News

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