Do not allow conflicts to engulf the world: President

New Delhi (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo, in his speech at the Pakistans National Assembly, Islamabad, Friday night, emphasized that all nations should maintain political stability and security for driving economic growth in countries and regions.

"Conflict and war will not benefit anyone. I repeat, conflict and war will not benefit anyone, especially women and children, who have always been the most disadvantaged party during conflicts and wars," he pointed out.

According to the head of state, conflict and war will destroy the noble values of humanity.

Hence, Indonesia has remained committed to promoting peace to maintain world peace.

He also stated that along with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), over the past five decades, Indonesia has worked hard to create a peaceful environment, stability, and prosperity in the Southeast Asian region.

"Through unity and centrality of the ASEAN, Indonesia continues to contribute to creating a stable and prosperous Asia-Pacific region," he noted.

In the wider context, Indonesia is also keen to create an ecosystem of peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region and make it a centre of growth in the world.

At the global level, similar to Pakistan, Indonesia is also one of the largest contributors to the peacekeeping forces in the world.

Indonesia is determined to be a true partner of world peace.

"In the past two years, Indonesia continues to work together and contribute to overcoming disparities between countries; helping humanity, including in conflict areas; safeguarding the regions; overcoming the threats of transnational crimes, including drug and human trafficking; and also fighting the threat of terrorism," Widodo stated in a press statement from Deputy for Protocol, Press, and Media of the Presidential Secretariat Bey Machmudin.

Widodo pointed out that the threats of terrorism and radicalism exist everywhere.

In fact, no country is immune to the threat of terrorism that occurs in almost all countries, including Indonesia and Pakistan.

"Muslims are the most victims of conflicts, war, and terrorism. Look at the very alarming data, 76 percent of the terrorist attacks occur in Muslim countries and 60 percent of armed conflicts occur in Muslim countries. Moreover, millions of our brothers and sisters have to leave their countries to seek a better life and 67 percent of refugees are from Muslim countries," he pointed out.

Moreover, he explained that millions of young people are losing hopes of a better future. This concern was partly due to internal weakness and external factors.

"Are we going to let this distressing condition occur again and again? If you ask me, then I will answer no. We cannot let our countries and the world continue to be in a conflict situation. We respect humanity, and it should be our guide in managing the nation and state," he stated.

He highlighted that history has taught every nation that arms and military will not be able to resolve conflicts and create and maintain world peace.

"Competition will exist, and an arms race will continue to create tensions," he remarked.

He noted that the conflict in Aceh Province had occurred over 30 years, and use of the military approach alone could not solve it.

"This conflict was solved through negotiations and dialog. Hence, the dialog process should continue to be prioritized," he emphasized.

The culture of dialog has made the ASEAN capable of becoming an engine of stability and prosperity in the Southeast Asian region.

"I hope each of us would contribute to world peace and the efforts to bring global prosperity for the sake of humanity and justice. We must be a part of the solution and not the problem. Let us work together for the creation of a peaceful and prosperous world for all humanity," he emphasized.

Source: ANTARA News

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