Minister expresses concern over dissatisfaction due to online taxi regulation

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi has expressed concern on witnessing the rising dissent among several parties to the new regulation on online taxi services.

"I am concerned that there are still many people who are not satisfied," he noted before attending a coordination meeting at the office of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs in Jakarta on Monday.

The minister made the statement in response to the app-based ride-hailing taxi drivers rejection of Transportation Ministerial Regulation No. 108 of 2017 on Public Transportation Service Without Fixed Routes (PM 108/2017).

According to Sumadi, the government had issued PM 108/2017 to ensure equality and fair treatment for online and conventional taxi services.

"It is impossible to comply with all requests of one side. This means both should equally take and give. We cannot satisfy both," he emphasized.

In the new regulation, the government stipulates requirements to be met by online taxi operators to remain operational: to clear a vehicle worthiness test (KIR), use of type A public driving license (SIM A Umum), display stickers, and follow the online fleet quota in the region.

The minister said the requirements were applicable as part of the governments efforts to equip both types of transportation operators.

"For instance, the quota, if not limited, will harm the (interests of) others and so is the case of the lower tariff. If it is eliminated, it will harm the interests of drivers. Of course, we must maintain mutual understanding," he noted.

Sumadi failed to comprehend the reason behind the disagreement and rejection expressed by some drivers to the rule. He opined that requirements on the KIR and stickers should not be viewed as being burdensome.

"Others are obligated to fix even bigger stickers. This one is smaller, with a central line measuring only 10 centimeters," he explained.

Furthermore, for online taxi drivers facing difficulties in obtaining a SIM A Umum or in conducting a KIR test, the minister suggested they should apply for it collectively.

"Hence, they should not continue to voice protests. They are against the government, while indeed the government is obligated to regulate it," he added.

Sumadi noted that the government will go ahead with the imposition of PM 108/2017 from February 1, 2018, without making any compromise. Nevertheless, he has offered room for holding discussions on the mechanism of its application.

Source: ANTARA News

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