Indonesian Trade Ministry steps up cooperation with US CPSC

Jakarta - The Indonesian Trade Ministry has agreed to step up cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) in promoting human resources and increasing information exchange.

The step to intensify the cooperation is a follow up to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the US CPSC and the Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Orderly Businesses of the Indonesian Trade Ministry in Jakarta on December 15 last year concerning consumer product safety. The cooperation will be valid until 2019.

"This visit reflects the Trade Ministrys commitment to improve product safety and protect consumers. As such, the quality of products circulating in the Indonesian market can hopefully be guaranteed. In addition, the Indonesian products are expected to meet quality requirements in the US market," Director General of Consumer Protection and Orderly Businesses Syahrul Mamma said in a press statement released on Tuesday.

The cooperation is aimed at reducing injury or death risks due to the use or consumption of products by consumers both in the US and Indonesia, he said.

US CPSC is a US Federal body tasked with protecting the public from undesired injury or death for consuming a certain product.

While in the US, the two delegations discussed the mechanism of supervising products in the US, including the procedure of supervising the market and imports. The two delegations also paid a spot visit to see supervision at a retail level and visited the National Product Testing and Evaluation Center. ***3***

Source: ANTARA News

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