S Sumatra to hold Asian Games test event from April to July

The South Sumatra organising committee of Asian Games will organise a test event, from April to July, 2018, before the Asian Games are held in August, 2018.

The test event would cover, among other things, bowling, cliff climbing, roller skating, and shooting, Akhmad Yusuf Wibowo of the organising committee said here on Thursday.

Earlier, South Sumatra had carried out a test event for thriathlon, lawn tennis, beach volley, sepak takraw, rowing, and women soccer.

Also, the construction and renovation works at the sports venues in Jakabaring sport complex have been completed, he said.

The test event was required by the Indonesian Asian Games Organising Committee (Inasgoc) to make sure that all competitions met the Asian Games standards. The 18th Asian Games will be organised in Jakarta and Palembang from August 18 to September 2, 2018.

Soccer, basketball, tennis and soft-tennis, volley, canoe and kayak, rowing, shooting, triathlon, sepak takraw, cliff climbing, bowling among others, will be held in Palembang, the provincial capital of the South Sumatra Province.

Palembang has been busy improving and renovating several tourist attractions in the city and upgrading its infrastructure to support the tourism industry. The tourist spots being renovated are the Kuto Besak Fortress, the Ampera Bridge, and the Kemaro Island.

The city wishes to impress athletes, sports officers, and foreign journalists covering the Games, so that they spread the word about the tourist attractions in the city and return to South Sumatra with relatives in future.

Source: Antara News

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