Tapir dies after falling into well

Jambi, Jambi Province (ANTARA News) - A Tapir has reportedly died during treatment after being rescued from a well in which it was stuck for a day.

The well belonged to a citizen of the Muntialo village in West Tanjungjabung subdistrict of the Jambi province.

The Tapir reportedly died on early Thursday morning due to respiratory failure as he was stuck in the muddy well for a long time. "We evacuated the Tapir and treated it for one night but it could not be saved," Head of Section III Jambi Natural Resources Conservation Hall, Faried, said on Friday.

The adult male Tapir had been evacuated to the Taman Rimba Jambi zoo after being rescued from the well to receive treatment.

"Initially, our plan was to release it back in the wilderness after it recovered but Tapirs are sensitive and require special attention. We did not get the chance to release it," he added.

The Tapir weighed nearly 100 kg and had come from the protected peat forest in the Bram Itam area, he added. Tapirus Indicus, according to the listed status, is a rare and endangered animal. It has also been included in the red list of species in the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

In Indonesia, international trade of Tapir is prohibited, as per the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species.

Source: ANTARA News

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