The Sanya Chinese new year photo exhibition held at Los Angeles

As the Chinese New Year celebration grows in popularity every year, having a greater influence overseas and more foreigners paying attention to this occasion. Over the Spring Festival, Chinas Ministry of Culture, National Tourism Administration and Xinhua News Agency organized the colorful Spring Festival celebration activities around Los Angeles. The Sanya Tourism Development Commission hosted a photo exhibition focused at the beautiful scenery and culture, attracting many visitors this the event.

During the event, "Sanya", the southernmost city of Hainan island specially unveiled numerous photos of its spectacular landscapes, traditional customs, breathtaking destinations, and local people. Visitors were able to see a wide array of rich imagery of the citys culture that gave them the opportunity to understand the beauty of this wonderful destination.

The photo exhibition was well received as visitors who attended the event all learned about the diverse culture that was found in Sanya. The community was very pleased of such an event being presented to showcase this lovely and charming location, one of which has struck the imagination and interest of people to come to this tropical coastal city. As a result, many fascinated visitors amassed an even more beautiful impression towards China, especially in Sanya.

What makes Sanya such a remarkable place to visit are its beautiful resorts that are surrounded by mountains and marvelous sea views. It has a favorable climate all year round that is perfect for relaxing, making it one of the most visited places in China by travelers. Visitors can enjoy a unique and tropical oceanic landscape that is entirely different from the other provinces in the country. There are 4 main bays to visit in the area, which are Sanya Bay, Dadonghai Bay, Haitang Bay, and Yalong Bay, all having various activities to enjoy.

With an abundant amount of natural beauty, Sanyas captivating landscape has become home to 43 International Hotel Brands that provide world-class service to all its guests. It is a unique destination that presents an ideal feeling of traversing around the country while experiencing its rich environment.

Source: ANTARA News

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