House speaker urges review of current direct regional election system

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - House Speaker Bambang Soesatyo has called for a review of current direct regional election due to its potential to cause corruption.

At the presentation of the Corruption Eradication Commissions (KPK) annual report and a report on the "KPK Listens" activity here on Monday Bambang called on KPK to conduct a study on the potential of money politics and transactional deals in the election system.

He said many heads of regional governments that were elected through the system had so far been involved in corruption cases.

"Even candidates have been allegedly involved in corruption. Therefore a review is needed on the system," he said.

The politician from Golkar Party hoped KPK would conduct a study on the direct system of regional election and its impact on corruption as well as national social condition.

"It is whether the direct system of regional election is more benefical for the nation or even it has caused many corruption cases," he said.

He said if it is found that it causes a lot of corruption cases "we must not be afraid or ashamed to correct the system.

He said many quarters have thought that indirect election of regional heads by regional legislative assemblies could narrow room for committing coruption and so it would make it easier for KPK to carry out supervision.

"I think it would be easier for KPK to monitor corruption if regional elections are done through DPRD (regional legislative assemblies)," he said.

On the occasion the House Speaket also reminded KPK to improve its corruption eradication system by prioritizing preventive measures.

Source: ANTARA News

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