Former speaker admits nephew distributed kickbacks to MPs

Jakarta (ANTARA News) Former house speaker SetyaNovanto confessed here on Thursday that his nephew, IrvantoHendraPambudiCahyo, had distributed bribes for an electronic ID card project to members of the House of Representatives.

"Cahyo was a mere courier for distributing kickbacks to A or B at his house or office, including to Mekeng, totaling US$500 thousand; Olly, $500 thousand; Tamsil; Mirwan; Ganjar; and Arif," he noted at a court session.

Novanto was heard as a defendant in the high-profile case, known locally as the E-KTP project, worth Rp5.9 trillion that had causes losses worth Rp2.3 trillion to the state.

Novanto said when the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) confronted him and Cahyo on Wednesday evening, his nephew revealed he had given bribes amounting to $500 thousand each to House Commission II member AriefWibowo, head for budget affairs Melchias Markus Mekeng, deputy head for budget affairs Olly Dondokambey, and deputy chairman of Commission II GanjarPranowo as well as $250 thousand to Democrat Party faction chairman JafarHafsah.

"Last night, I heard $3.5 million was coming from IwanBarata (money changer) following talks held earlier between Andi and Irvan," he revealed.

He said Cahyo agreed to act as a courier for AndiNarogong, a businessman behind the project and already sentenced in the case, as he was promised the E-KTP project by him.

Novanto admitted to knowing that $500 thousand was also set aside for PuanMaharani, who was then chairperson of the Indonesia Democratic Party Struggle faction, and PramonoAnung, who was the deputy house speaker in 2012.

Novanto said he knew the money was delivered to them by his friend Made Oka Masagung, the owner of OEM Investment Ptr.Ltd. and Delta Energy Pte.Ltd., when he had visited his house along with Nargong in October 2012.

He said Masagung was close to Maharanis family.

"The close relationship between the Soekarnos and Oka had long existed. However, I did not know the real facts," he revealed.

Novanto had been charged for receiving $7.3 million in the project from Masagung, totaling $3.5 million, and Cahyo, $3.5 million.

He was also charged for receiving a Richard Mille wristwatch worth $135 thousand from Narogong, who bought it along with Johannes Marliem, the director of Biomorf Industry, as a compensation for helping in the process of budgeting for the project.

Source: Antara News

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