Indonesia dominates Quran rote competition for Asia-Pacific region

Jakarta (ANTARA News) Indonesia dominated the Quran and Hadist rote competition for the Asia-Pacific region held by a Saudi royal family foundation this year, Saad an Namasi, Saudi Arabias religious affairs attache to Indonesia, stated.

"Several Indonesian participants are of international standard, which is certainly amazing, considering that Arabic is viewed as a difficult language for foreigners," Namasi noted here on Wednesday evening.

The official winner of this years competition, in which 22 countries had participated, will be announced on Thursday. Prince Khalid bin Sulthan bin Abdul Aziz, who is also the former deputy defense minister of Saudi Arabia, will hand over prizes to the winners after visiting the Merdeka Palace.

Prince Aziz arrived in Jakarta on Wednesday and briefly met with Governor of the Special Capital Province of Jakarta AniesBaswedan at the residence of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Indonesia.

"I am grateful to the Indonesian government, especially to the Religious Affairs Ministry and the provincial government of Jakarta, for hosting this event," he noted on the occasion.

Meanwhile, Governor Baswedan was pleased to have hosted an international competition for the second time in a row.

"Last year, I saw the winner of the same competition. I am proud of the young men, who keep the tradition of struggle and knowledge alive, through understanding and rote," he stated on the same occasion.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Indonesia Osama bin Muhammed Abdullah Al Shugibi praised the orphans and poor children, who were able to memorize the content of the Quran.

In addition to prizes, the winners will also have the opportunity to study at Saudi Arabian universities in Indonesia or the Middle East country.

The Quran rote competition at the Asia-Pacific level has been held 10 times and has been followed by more than a thousand participants during that time.

Source: Antara News

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