Investment needs consistent regulations: Indef

Jakarta (ANTARA News) Executive Director of Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef), Enny Sri Hartati, said consistent regulation is needed to overcome investors obstacles in realizing their investment.

"Housework which is still a barrier to the realization of investment should be addressed. The most (needed) for investors is the certainty of investment, including the consistency of regulation," Hartati said after a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday.

She said that foreign direct investment in Indonesia is still lagging behind neighboring countries, such as Vietnam.

Correction of investment barriers is needed to support investment grade status and improvement of ease of business ranking that has been achieved by Indonesia.

Hartati said that the government also needs to seek simplicity of the licensing administration process and the availability of infrastructure which will then determine the cost of logistics.

She cited an industrial area in Malaysia that is located near the coast and integrated with the railway, so the cost of logistics is cheap.

Hartati also said the various special economic zones (KEK) proclaimed by the government have not been able to meet the needs of investors.

Source: Antara News

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