Japanese investors interested to invest in Lake Toba

Medan, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) Japanese entrepreneurs were interested to invest in North Sumatras tourism sector, especially in Lake Toba area.

"The intention of Japanese investors to invest in North Sumatras tourism was revealed by the executive of Sumitomo Bank," Head of Bank Indonesia of North Sumatras representative, Arief Budi Santoso said here on Thursday.

The executive of Sumitomo Bank delivered the intention in the meeting in Yogyakarta in mid-March 2018.

"The candidate investors and the Sumitomo Bank will come to Medan and to Lake Toba to explore the business opportunity on March 29, 2018," he said.

North Sumatera Governor HT ErryNuradi stated there are several entrepreneurs from various countries who are interested in investing in Lake Toba area.

"Last Wednesday, American investors also wanted to invest in the Lake Toba region," he added.

North Sumatra provincial government prepare to provide the licensing for the investors.

"The area of Lake Toba will be better with a lot of investment and will attract many tourists," he said.

This investment plan will effect to the target of tourist arrivals to North Sumatra which is expected to reach one million tourists in 2019.

However, foreign tourists who visited North Sumatra was less than 300,000 people in 2017.

Source: Antara News

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